A Trip Down Memory Lane - Washington, DC

Nica & Andrew

From Andrew: “On our first date, Nica and I went to Compass Rose bar in Washington, DC. to only have a few drinks. We didn’t realize that we talked through the kitchen hours, so we walked back towards her place in Adams Morgan and got Mcdonald’s. However, it was a weeknight, and the metro service was limited. I realized my phone was dead and didn’t want to trouble Nica to call me a cab, so I needed to take the bus to catch the last train out of Farragut to make it home. Nica agreed to eat McNuggets with me on a bus bench at the end of our first date, this along with the fact that she kept seeing me, was the best evidence that we felt similarly, so I always felt the bus bench held some significance. Anyhow, fast forward to February – a bookstore near the bench was re-opening after remodeling, and I suggested we check it out and grab dinner nearby. We get there, Nica practically broke her ankle stepping over the curb, and the bookstore wasn’t open yet, so Nica suggested we walk around. It was only by chance that she saw the bus bench across the street, said, “aww, it’s our bench,” and then I asked if she wanted to sit for a minute. She did, and after a few minutes of reminiscing, I pulled out the faux chicken McNuggets ring box I made and asked the question.”

This collection of images are from where Nica & Andrew had their first, to the infamous bench where Andrew proposed, and a few other stops along the way. Click here to watch their wedding film. 

Nica & Andrew

Intimate Micro Wedding | The Line Hotel | Washington, D.C.