An Intimate Winery Wedding

Amy & Brian

Amy and Brian met in the Fall of 2015 while working at a start-up together in Washington, DC. They started as friendly co-workers and realized they got along much better than they thought after drinks and a few months later. They spend their days being homebodies. They balance each other well by relaxing at home with their dog, Ocean, with bouts of spontaneity thrown in there in the form of walks, cooking, hosting, eating out, or traveling.

What is important most important to them is health and family. The word ‘Family’ for them extends beyond blood and they really cherish those relationships at its core.

Amy is inspired by food and love to read about history. She is moved often by documentaries and books and stories. Brian is inspired by his late grandparents and by random acts of kindness. He is moved by those who practice and emulate good values.

The Proposal

On April 27th, 2019 – Brian picked up Amy after a massage appointment she had scheduled that morning. He let her know he wanted to stop at home before going by the mall to pick up some things he wanted to return. As they headed to the elevator, Brian squirmed about how he had to use the bathroom – really badly. Amy, completely unbothered, told him to make a run for it and turn the vent on. As Amy approached the front door seconds behind him, she noticed her pup, Ocean, not coming to greet her. When she turned the corner, confused, she saw Brian – surrounded by rose petals and candles – on one knee in their living room. After a lot of shrieking, tears, and cursing (from how he was able to pull this off) – Amy happily said ‘YES’.

The Venue

Amy and Brian loved District Winery the moment we stepped in. It’s classic, elegant, and fit their vibe and monochromatic color palette very well. It is in a stunning location and offers amazing views of the water.

They wanted their wedding day to feel intimate and elegant at the same time. They are all about simplicity, so letting the venue speak for itself is important.

Intimate DC Winery Wedding Film

Brian & Amy