Maddy and Parker | Fall Wedding | Private Location | Paeonian Spring, Virginia

Maddy & Parker

Maddy & Parker's wedding was one of a kind. It was set at a familiar location, a location that has beautiful views and perfect sunsets. This location felt like home. Because it is home, Maddy's parent's home. The home that means so much to Maddy and her family, the home that has memories of sledding down hills in the winter, crisp evenings by the fire in autumn and warm summer nights catching fireflies. This home is the backdrop to Maddy & Parker's love story.

We've all heard of love at first sight, but this is a love at second sight story. Maddy & Parker officially met on the very first day of High School. They shared multiple classes together freshman through junior year. Still, it didn't register until winter of senior year when they were dance partners in Show Choir. They talked about books, and supported each other's extracurricular activities, and were able to find warmth in each other's company that winter.

They made it official on Maddy's 18th birthday, right before heading to college. They spent their college years exploring each other, listening to each other, and learning what it takes to build a solid foundation for a lasting relationship.

A lot has changed since meeting in high school. The one thing that remains the same is that they are still best friends, and she is still his Moonlight, and he is still her Sunday.


Wow, this is a very beautiful story and wedding. I just love this video, it’s really amazing!