A Weekend in Brooklyn

Reggie & Giselle

It all started with me having to keep this proposal secret from Giselle. Fortunately, I’m pretty good with secrets. Reggie had been planning on proposing to Giselle for it seems like forever, but in actuality, it had only been some months.  So here, I am trying to contact all of her friends, that I barely know, and convince them to hang out at this cabin in Shenandoah for New Years, (that’s where the proposal would happen. ) At first, no one wanted to come and were probably wondering why the hell, is Ace asking us to go to a cabin for New Years, I’m sure they would much rather be doing something more entertaining. I ended up telling them the reason, why, and of course they came.

Reggie and I headed out to the cabin, and I recorded, the drive there, and the whole proposal. At the time of me writing this, I still haven’t edited the video; sorry Giselle, but it will be done soon. With all of the excitement of the proposal, of course, Giselle went into full planning mode, and decided the next big thing on the list to do, after booking the venue, was to get engagement photos done, so here we are. It was my birthday weekend, but we thought it would be cool to explore Brooklyn for the weekend, and take photos. It was one hell of a weekend. We ate good, drank good, at our new favorite bar in Brooklyn; Lone Wolf. It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but they have good drinks and good music. My kind of bar.

I wish you both nothing but years full of adventures like we had in Brooklyn. I’m honored and grateful to call you both my dearest friends. October 4, 2020, will be here before you know, and if it’s entirely up to Giselle, kids will be shortly after.



Nicole and Willy

Happy marriage to you both! Willy, Toby and I wish you the best today and years ahead! Congrats! Love Nicole, Willy and Toby❤️


Absolutely stunning! Wishing you both a marriage as breathtaking and beautiful as your engagement photos. Love you both!