Beach Club Wedding

Nate & Ashley

Nate and Ashley met at his house as he hosted a little birthday cookout. They had a few dates after their first meeting and hit it off pretty quickly. Over time, they embarked on an eventful journey together, full of mountain top moments and valley lows. Together they learned and grew individually and as a couple. They promised to always keep Jesus at the forefront of their relationship. By far, that has been their most treasured gift and promise. They vow to continue their devotion to Him as they embark on this new season of marriage. They are eager for the future and what God has in store for them.  

Over the last year, Nate and Ashley have lived opposite day-to-day routines as he has been working 100% from home, and she has been traveling weekly for work as a Registered Nurse. This season they are looking forward to slowing down and taking in new transitions as a newlywed couple and blended family. They want to focus on living well and staying in the community with those they are closest to. Relationships are important to them, so they want to remain consistent throughout different aspects of their marriage and connections with others. 

The most important thing to them is remaining in an intimate relationship with Jesus. They are inspired by their shortcomings/setbacks and how they’ve overcome them through different seasons. They’re moved by how far they have come and what God has promised for their future. They are inspired and motivated by the people they are honored to do life with. They provide many examples as they move forward as a married couple.  

The Proposal

One of Nate and Ashley’s first dates was at North Beach in MD. At the time, they had many vendors outside during the summer (pre-COVID). They always enjoyed getting away for a bit to enjoy this vibe. For their proposal, Nate took Ashley back to where it all started. They walked the boardwalk, and while sitting on a bench in front of the open water, Nate got down on one knee and asked Ashley to marry him. Ashley’s brother popped out from a bush and captured all the moments; it was great!

The Venue

Nate and Ashley immediately fell in love with Chesapeake Bay Beach Club the moment they had their first visit. It is actually the only venue they visited in person. Some essential things they kept in mind when picking a venue were beautiful views, diverse photo opportunities, and a wide variety of food options. Lastly, customer service was necessary and high on our priority list. From initial contact, throughout their planning process, and now just a few weeks up to the wedding, Chesapeake Bay Beach Club staff were nothing but attentive, prompt, and accommodating. They are incredibly thankful and feel really blessed that we get to tie the knot at Chesapeake Bay Beach Club!

What experience do you want to give your guest? What’s the overall feel/vibe of your wedding?

They aim to make our guests feel loved, appreciated, and well cared for. So many of their guests have played a pivotal role in supporting them throughout their courtship. They want to show gratitude to them as a token of appreciation. They’re incredibly honored and humbled that so many people want to help them celebrate this upcoming season in their life. 

What made you choose Sage and Silhouettes to document your day?

Your work is incredibly timeless and beautiful. We felt it matched the vibe we were going for, especially considering our photography and overall feel for our wedding. We’re thankful to have you!